• Founders - Nisha Patel & Shivani Patel


      We are two sisters, born in the United States with a passion deeply rooted in India.

      Born in California, USA, we moved to India at a young age and developed a deep appreciation for the art, craftsmanship, and textiles we've encountered along the way. Our time in India gave us a passion for fashion that drove us to pursue a textile and clothing certification from Gujarat. Upon our return to the USA, we realized our hearts forever roam between the two places we call home. So, we decided to launch a clothing line that could bring our experiences to the world to reach your wardrobe and be part of your story.

      For every collection, we travel to India to design, weave, print, and sew. Our collection is an exquisite blend of Indian and western elements, taking you on a journey of discovery and appreciation. Full of handcrafted pieces that infuse modern aesthetics keeping embroidery at the forefront of our ethos. Each piece is like an invitation for you to explore the beauty of Indian culture. At SHA & VANI, we strive to create Indo-western clothing, to be worn to express your inner Indian soul.


      We are a "No Material Waste" brand.
      We make a conscious effort to use all leftover fabric from our collections with care and purpose in a thoughtful manner to create garments for children at Anath Ashram - Orphanage Homes across Gujarat, India.


      "Fashion Can Be A Force For Good"

      Embarking on a noble mission, we are determined to carry out a momentous act of Seva at the Anath Ashram in the heart of Nadiad, Gujarat. Our Seva is devoted to the admirable endeavor of uplifting children in India, particularly by offering care and teaching them the craft of artistry. As a "No Material Waste" brand, we use every scrap of fabric available to create garments for orphanage homes. It reduces waste and gives the children the joy of new clothes, thus benefiting the community and the world at large.

      Our mission is more than to just provide help, it is also to create a ripple effect of goodwill that would resonate throughout the broader community, raising awareness of our communities' art and skills, and empowering others to join us in our noble cause.


      Rooted in the belief that fashion can be a bridge that brings people of diverse cultures together. We aim to empower women to express their inner Indian soul confidently, wherever they are, and take pride in their cultural identity. Through our versatile and unique ensembles, we hope to inspire our customers to explore and celebrate cultural diversity. 

      Branded at our core is a devotion to artistry and purpose, as we strive to provide a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with our limited edition collections.